We Needed Help with Our Excel Spreadsheets

I knew that my husband and I were in over our heads when it came to managing the finances for our business. When we were just starting out, it was easy enough. I just handled everything out of a notebook. As we grew though, I knew that we needed to have a better system. There were all kinds of software programs available, but I had no idea which one to use as none seemed just right for us. We needed to have something custom made, which is how we ended up hiring an Excel VBA consultant over the internet.

I knew that we needed to invest in having someone custom make us what we needed. I did not know how to make all the spreadsheets that are necessary for our business. I just knew that if someone else could make the spreadsheets we needed, then I would be able to just punch in the data that we needed in it. That would allow us to do the reports that we needed not only to handle payroll but nearly every aspect of our business as well since we handle a lot of inventory now.

I looked online because I was not able to find anyone local who was able to help with this. I was able to find a consultant from a company that is reputable in creating spreadsheets for people like us. We talked to the consultant for a while because we had to make sure that everything was understood. I really appreciated that the person did not rush us, and we did not rush him either. It took a little over a week for us to get the spreadsheet program, and it works absolutely perfectly. There is no way we would have found anything like this with a standard program, so I am really thankful we went this route right from the start.


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