We Finally Got Rid of the Smell

It was pretty obvious to everyone who got near us, the entire area stunk so bad that no one could stand it. We called the county, but they said that we had to find someone that did hydro jetting in passaic county nj because the sewer line was on our property. They finally came, but first we would have a number of people claim they were sick and lay out of work. I could not blame them too much, because it was even worse in the shop. The smell was coming out of every sink, drain and toilet it seemed and those guys were there in the heat for nine hours a day. The heat obviously makes every little thing a whole lot worse. It is not near as bad if you sitting in the air conditioned offices. In fact if you are in the back part of the offices it does not seem as though you can even smell it.

We were not that happy that we had to wait a few days for these guys to show up. We had already wasted a lot of time trying to get the local government to come and fix it In fact they were done in about three hours, but the smell still hung around for a couple of days. Like before it was worse in some places and hardly noticeable in a lot of other places. It was a great day when we came in and could not smell it at all. Of course we have a bunch of big fans that move air like crazy and we had them pointed out the windows all of the time. I was worried that someone might realize that some of the windows were open, but these were high up so that you could not get through them without an extension ladder.


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