We Appreciate Our Mother a Lot

I don’t have a lot of money, but I still wanted to get my mom something nice just because she had been having such a hard time of it lately. My younger brother was giving her a lot of trouble, and he really tested her patience before he realized that her common sense was better than his own. She was also working two jobs, and I just felt she did not think she was appreciated. I asked one of my female friends where I could get some cheap flowers in Melbourne, figuring she would know a whole lot better than me for something like that.

She didn’t even hesitate when she mentioned Flora Laura, a florist company that her family had been using for a long time. She told me that any time her father messed up somehow, a floral delivery would be forthcoming within days. Knowing that her family is not made of money either, I figured they would be a good place to start then. I went online to see if I could look at some of the arrangements, and more importantly the prices of them. They have filters there on the website, so I was able to look at all the flowers that are under 50 dollars.

As soon as I saw the Little Flower Box arrangement, I knew that my mom would love it. It has a mix of flowers that are of different colors, and they are arranged in a little brown box. To me, they are just flowers in a box, but to my mom, I knew that they would mean the world to her. I was home when they were delivered later that day, and seeing the tears of joy on her face made all of it worthwhile. My brother and I are going to start appreciating her a lot more!


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