Talking in a Simple Way

There are a lot of messaging apps for people to use, but they’re so complicated these days. They have all kinds of pictures and different things built into them that just take the simplicity out of talking to another person. I wanted to have a messaging app that would just take things back to the basics, so I asked an app developer in Singapore to create an app for me that would do just that. I just needed something that would allow people to send messages back and forth and nothing else.

The developer was able to create the app in a short time because my request was so simple. There wasn’t much to do besides make a simple interface and make sure that people were able to successfully get messages back and forth. With this done, tests were done on the app to make sure that it worked correctly, and then it was placed on the app store. I figured that my app would get overlooked by people who were using all of the other ones, so I created an ad that showed people just how simple my app was.

Much to my surprise, the app was actually a hit with people. They liked the more simplistic approach to messaging people. They wanted to take things back to how they were before smart phones became the dominant mes aging device. I guess sometimes nostalgia gets to the best of us. They loved that they weren’t bombarded with the dancing images or silly things that people would install just to send messages. Text was enough for them, and in some occasions, a simple smiley face. Of course, if they really wanted to get simple, they could just make a phone call and talk to the person directly, but not everyone wants to do that anymore.


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