Save at the Last Minute

A booking error with a limo company caused a bit of confusion. I called the company months ago to book a limo for a specific date, but the company didn’t properly log my booking. When the date from the booking arrived, I called the company and complained about the limo, and they told me that they didn’t have any available to send to me. I had to go to Bright Star Limousines to rent one on a short notice.

It’s a good thing that Bright Star had limos available at the time, or I would have been in big trouble. I rented a limo because I was going to a formal dinner with a group of friends. They all had given me their share of the money to rent the limo, and if I didn’t show up with a limo to pick them up, they would have been furious. The other limo company gave me a full refund for the amount that I paid to book their limo, which I used to pay for the limo from Bright Star. The limo came to my house on time, and then went to each persons house after that.

No one knew that the other limo company incorrectly logged my booking, but if they did, I don’t think it would matter. The limo that picked us up was high quality and the driver was polite. Due to the other company’s incompetence, I won’t bother using their services anymore. If they screwed up once with a simple booking that happened months in advance, then I wouldn’t trust them not to do it again. They could easily have the same problem and if it happened on the same day that I made the booking, I would have had a major problem. I wonder how many other people have had problems with that company.


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