Looking at a Place in Plano

I have been looking to find a new place to live for some time, right now we are looking at this place in Plano that a friend of mine is looking to sell. He has about two and a quarter acres of land and a pretty good size house, but it is not in the peak of condition to put it mildly. We would have to put a good bit of work in the place to get it to the way we want it. We were checking this page today trying to figure out if our power rates are going to be much different and it looks like we would come out a little to the better. It is not something which is that huge of a deal, but it is something that we wanted to figure out. Of course we want to do all of the math on this entire operation. So we have to have to know almost exactly what it is going to cost us to live in this new place.

Of course that is a tough calculation and we are not going to be able to figure it out exactly, However we want to figure out if we are going to be able to squeeze this into the budget or not. We are not really convinced that we could pull it off right now. At least we are thinking that it would be rather difficult and most probably it is something we are just a little shy of being able to do. We are thinking that we need to have some more money saved up before we try to do something like this, or we need to get a little bit better deal . Of course so far the guy is not wanting to back off his price.


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