Is It Already Coming to This Sort of World?

I was watching the TV the other day, watching a college football game and I saw a commercial for ADT Home security. It had the awesome linebacker for the Carolina Panthers in it and so I paid attention to it. He is one of my favorite players in the NFL and the Panthers are obviously my favorite team. At any rate I got to thinking about how that system works. You have an alarm and you have video cameras in your house. Obviously you would not have the cameras in the more private parts of the house. You would not have a camera pointed at the shower or by the side of the bed where you are going to taking off your clothes. Of course I walk around the house in my boxer shorts all of the time. It just seems a bit creepy to me that you would allow some random person to watch you walk around your house.

Obviously if it is me or most other guys then you are not going to have to worry about most people spying on you. The same is not true if you were a famous person or if you were a very good looking girl. They have to worry about people snooping on them all of the time. In fact there was some creepy dude who was hacking into girl’s web cams and then tried to blackmail them with the pictures. It was famous for that one case with a teen beauty queen. Apparently this guy tried to blackmail the girl in to giving him more pictures of her because he had these pictures of her. I could never make that much sense of his plan, but obviously the prisons are full of people who were not quite as brilliant as they believed themselves to be.


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