I Needed a Three Bedroom Apartment

When my wife and I decided to divorce, it was as amicable as possible. I know some people who divorce are bitter and quite angry, but we were both just relieved that we could get on with our lives. We decided that she would stay in the house because of our two children, and I would get an apartment nearby. We have a daughter and son, so I knew I was going to need at least a three bedroom apartment. I started looking at the ones available in the area, which is how I found myself at parkatbouldercreek.com.

I really liked this particular complex because it was in the kids’ school district. That way, if their mother was away on business, they could just stay with me without it causing any chaos in scheduling everything. I showed the kids the website because I wanted them to be happy with what would be their second home. I was really hoping to find something within walking distance, but I was happy that it was just six miles from their house. The kids both fell in love with everything there, especially the swimming pool and fitness center.

I was kind of psyched about those two things as well, but I was equally happy about everything else that comes with the apartment. The kids laughed about my excitement with the washer and dryer being right in the apartment rather than in a laundry room that everyone shares, but I know they are secretly relieved over that. Applying for the apartment that we wanted was really easy, and it was quick too. I was able to move in within weeks, and it has been a really great arrangement all around. The best part is that we are all a lot happier now, even the kids!


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