I Needed a Quality Food Scale

When I decided to start selling nuts, I had no idea that it was going to take off as well as it did. My family has a nut farm, and we mostly sell to major stores in the area. I had several people ask me if they could buy them right from me, and I figured it could not hurt. The first thing I did was look at the best food scales. We had the industrial ones in the barns, but I needed a smaller one for the table that I planned on setting up at the farmer’s market in town.

I could have pre-bagged the nuts at home, but I did not want to make people buy in the quantities that I felt was right. I wanted them to be able to order a quarter of a pound of nuts if they wanted, or 30 pounds if that was their desire. I doubted I would have any of the latter, but I still wanted to be prepared for whatever business was going to come my way. When I saw the Chatillon Legal for Trade Hanging Scale that weighs up to 40 pounds, I knew that I had found the one that I wanted to use.

I ordered it from the same company where we get our industrial size scales from because they have the best variety as well as the best prices. It did not take me long to find this scale, and I had it shipped to me that same week. I ended up being a huge hit at the farmer’s market as there were no other nut sellers there. I also noted that there was no one selling fudge either, which is another specialty of mine. I knew that the scale would come in handy for fudge sales too, and I am seriously considering that now.


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