I Just Started a Night Job

It is not really that hard of a job and sort of perfect for a person like me who is a full time student. I have been working the night shift at this place that has storage units for Newmarket in Ontario. Obviously I am studying at university full time and so I have very little opportunity to have a full time job unless it is odd like this one. The truth is that I get to study almost the entire time that I am there. My job is basically just to be there in case something else happens. It is great for me, I need to have a better job than I could have expected in the other parts of the day. It does not really hurt my studies even a little, but it took a great deal of effort to adjust to it. I get off work and I take the bus straight to the campus. I have time to eat at the cafeteria then I go to classes for around six hours most days. After that I go home and I go straight to bed.

Some of the time I get up and go out for a bit before I go to work. No one would probably care if I came in there pretty buzzed, but at most I will have a beer or two at this pool hall where one of my friends is the bartender. I get a burger or a hot dog there and then I go in and study. If someone shows in I check them out, because this place is pretty secure. That is the reason I am there. They want to make certain that no one gets in the place. They are expecting the security to be really tight and that is my job.


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