I Have a Pretty Good Job Now

I am not going to complain about it though, he does not seem to have any cares in the world and he does not care at all about money. At least the sort of money he cares about has a lot bigger numbers than what people like me care about. He is playing at farming right now, but apparently he makes his real money as a bitcoin trader and doing that sort of thing. In his office he has a computer system with six monitors grouped around a corner desk. I do not understand what he is doing in any real depth. However when you look at, then you realize that it is pretty much gambling on your own skill. The amazing part is that you realize some times he is risking everything and it does not seem to bother him in the least. He will tell me that he might be broke by the end of the day and then act as though he would not hardly care if he were. So far he gambles everything and he ends up even richer.

I guess that I am all sorts of thing. He has a huge house and he has 14 cars that run, he has a really nice pool that has to be cleaned. I clean up the house when the maid needs help. If he has guests over I help fix the meals and serve them. He does that two or three times a week and some times there are huge parties where all my friends get to work if they want. I wash his cars and help him work on the four others he has that do not work yet. I have the use of a really sweet pick up truck that I run his errands with.


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