Green Coconut Juice is Delicious

I have been hearing a lot about the benefits of coconut lately. I have been drinking coconut water for a while, but it was the new stuff I was hearing that had me interested in finding out more. The coconut water I had been drinking was basically just flavored water rather than the actual juice from green coconuts. I was surprised to learn that there is actually a difference, but there is. And, it is actually pretty significant too because the health benefits of drinking the juices from these colorful coconut are pretty amazing.

These are not mature coconuts at all. When I used to think about coconuts before, it was always the ones with the brown shell. Ones that are green have not reached this maturity though. They are young, which means they are very easy to cut into. What surprised me was how much juice comes from a young coconut. I have actually had the juice from a fully matured coconut, and it did not yield that much. A young coconut yields a full glass of juice though, and it has such a pure and nutty taste to it too.

The benefits of drinking the juice from a young coconut is mainly to do with heart and digestive issues. They are also extremely rich in rion, which is something that has helped me tremendously since I started drinking the juice from green coconuts. My iron levels have improved a good bit, and I no longer have to take iron supplements. I also like that my skin is a lot smoother now that I drink this juice on a regular basis. The benefits are amazing, but the taste is just as nice. I have finally found a healthy drink that is good for me, and the taste of the juice is delicious too!


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