Bringing All of Our Production Data into One Display

We needed some software for our business that tied together a bunch of incoming data streams to display the data in a functional way on one panel. The layout of the data needed to be intuitive and logical for how our workflow operates. Part of the data included trends that needed to be monitored as well as the operational parameters of production equipment and even how much raw material inventory we had on hand. This way upper management could get a grasp of operational efficiency at a glance. We used a company that does software development in Liverpool to put together the application that our management could use.

Over the course of the development the software was designed to operate on anything from a tablet screen to the giant monitor in the operations room that looks like something you would see in one of those movies where the government keeps an eye on things. Our operations center monitored everything from raw materials being delivered by lorry or rail, to the delivery trucks dropping off product to wholesale and retail distributors. The real-time information kept us ahead of demand but within an operating budget that was tight. The biggest retailers in the world keep an eye on things at this level to not have too much or too little in stock. It keeps your bottom line healthy.

The integration of all those databases and other software was taken in stride by the engineers at the company we used that does software development in Liverpool. I know our business inside and out. I can even fix a troublesome piece of production line equipment. However, I cannot begin to figure out how the programmers were able to integrate all those different incoming data points into a real time display that can be monitored around the clock.


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